8 bad habits to break

There are some bad habits that we need to break, and the sooner we address the better.

We all have bad habits, some more so than others. However, when these habits prevent you from progressing in life or living up to your full potential, then it’s time to ditch them. It’s not about attaining perfection but more about living an authentic life and being someone that others enjoy being around.

The following as some things we should fight against doing if we are serious about being happy in the long as well as short term.

1. Jealousy: That green-eyed monster means you no good. Many a relationship, career and friendship have ended because of this negative emotion.

Jealousy is as natural as breathing but you cannot allow it to take control of your emotions and actions.

2. Unnecessary Distractions: We all get distracted but the trick is to not stay in that mode.  Focus on a goal and have increment checks to ensure that things are moving at a steady pace.

3. Procrastination: This trait has been the cause of many missed opportunities.  It’s okay to put off doing the laundry; it is not okay to postpone looking for a job or paying your bills.

4. Drama: Some people have drama buzzing around them like flies on a cow patty! Avoid mix-up.

Drama is never good for anyone involved. Stay out of the mix for a better, more peaceful life.

5. Self-doubt: This makes you fearful of taking chances and risks and without risks there can be no real rewards. No one is saying be reckless but at least be reasonable.

6. Lack of confidence: This and self-doubt work as a formidable pair to try and conqueor you but you need to see yourself in a favourable light, even if you have  to fake it until you get it.

7. Indecisiveness: You should at least have a basic idea of what you are good at and work from there. No one has all their ducks in a row but write down the pros and cons of what you like doing and use it as a launching pad to narrow down your options.

8. Lack of Discipline: Without discipline you won’t get very far in life. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting up early for work or handing in an assignment on time, just stop with the excuses.