8 reasons you should date a single mother

Pamputtae has already told you how hard the struggle is but also how great the rewards can be. Being with a single mother is not without challenges, but the perks outstrip these by far. You know they have the capacity to love because they demonstrate it daily. You see them about their grind to make that paper, and they are not looking for hand out. A single mother is generally a focused, committed individual who is about that life, and you would be blessed to have her in yours.

The following represent some good reasons to date a woman who is a single mother, as she is caring, compassionate, knows how to compromise and already knows how to multitask. Plus, who would not want to be with a MILF!

Sexual beings

1. The sex is more pleasurable. By this, I mean that they now know what they like and don’t like, and they are not doing the ‘hokey pokey’ to procreate. So, no stress is added to intercourse, just pure enjoyment.

2. They already have children so there is no biological clock ticking away that drives them crazy, and you in turn. They are not looking to make you a potential babyfather, so there is no hidden agenda attached to the union. 

More grounded

3. In general, they have their lives together. They are not running around chasing piped dreams and men who cannot commit. This makes them stronger and more grounded persons who do not have time to play games. However, they still possess their sense of humour, so they can still go out and have fun.

4. They are sexual beings. This ain’t no little girl’s playpen but a grown woman’s ramping shop! They have explored their sexuality and know what turns them on and what gets them off. Kudos to them!

5. They are more accepting of their bodies, especially if they have filled out in all the right places.

Not clingy

6. They are not clinging, needy or desperate. In other words, they like having a man around, but they will not fall apart if they do not.

7. When a man starts acting the fool, they are quicker to show him the door, as by now they know when a man is wasting their time. With a mother, that is one luxury they will not waste.

8. They have come into their own and they are less confused. By now their emotional stability has caught up with the age on their driver’s license so they are confident and comfortable in their own skin, making them even more attractive.

— Written by C.W.

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