8 ridiculous things our fathers did that we can laugh at…now

Caribbean fathers often get a bad rap and, we can’t say it’s entirely undeserved. However, there are many great fathers out there who don’t get nearly enough shine as they should. To them, we say thank you and highlight their Herculean efforts to raise children.

As we approach Father’s Day, celebrated on June 21 this year, we at BUZZ wanted to take the time to highlight 10 things fathers did that were so out of pocket we have to laugh, now. Back then, it probably wasn’t so funny.

See our list below and feel free to share your stories in our comments:

  1. My father forgot I was supposed to do CSEC exams, despite being reminded many times, and when the date came for the fees to be paid, he said he would ‘like for me to do them, but doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen this year’. Okay, guess we’ll just throw away 15 years of schooling that basically led to this point. – Matthew R.
  2. Daddy was always forgetful. My mother would tell him my birthday for days leading up to it and then he’d still forget. I never really cared, because expectations were low, but I was always annoyed when he would turn up a couple months later and ask if my birthday wasn’t coming up. – Shanique J.
  3. My father turned up at my graduation tipsy. Actually, I’m being kind, he was definitely drunk. It was 1:00 p.m. – Marsha A.
  4. You know how some fathers have this way of having an outside child? My father had an outside family. That’s it. That’s the story. – Marcia B.
  5. In early December, my father said he was going to come by my apartment and have Christmas dinner with me and my family. He called on December 26 to say he didn’t think he was going to make it. He thought it was cute. I thought my insurance policy needed an update. – Richard M.
  6. In high school, my father used to call me to deliver messages to my mother because they weren’t on speaking terms for a while. He didn’t tell me it’s because he spent all their savings in a joint account they maintained for me. – Kenesha J.
  7. I bought a car three years after I started working. My fathered visited Jamaica and asked me to borrow it for a day so he could visit some friends. He got in an accident and left me with almost $150,000 of expenses. – Jermaine P.
  8. My father used to be very present in my life. Coincidentally, always around the 25th of each month and always when bonuses are due. He once said that’s because ‘children are pension plans’. – Milton W.