8 signs you may be a bully

If you’ve spent time online leaving snide comments under photos and posts, you may be a bully and not know.

As children, it was easy to identify the bully as they would be the one beating up smaller kids or taking away their snacks or money. Nowadays the bully may hide behind a computer screen and do vile thing through the cyber wall of anonymity. Bullies still come in all shades, shapes and sizes but identifying them isn’t as easy anymore.

The general inclination is stay away from such people but what if you are that individual? What if your actions or behaviours border on bullying or is outright offensive and harassing? What if you are a bully unintentionally masking your behaviour as being assertive?

Using your position in the workplace to take advantage of others, and belittle them is tantamount to bullying.

Comb through the checklist below see if you meet the criteria:

1. You get aggressive and step into other people’s personal space.

2. Your tone or language is threatening, ending a lot with “or else”.

3. When you do not get your way, you make things difficult for others.

4. Even when others tell you ‘no’, you do the act anyways.

5. You hold people’s secrets over their heads.

6. You misuse your position to take advantage of people whenever you feel they need to be ‘punished’.

7. You spread nasty rumours about those individuals you do not like.

8. You are always trying to manipulate a situation or someone.