8 signs you might be a negative person

Have you ever been told that you are negative person? You may have been offended or upset and probably argued with the individual who delivered that bombshell of a statement? But did you stop to examine if there is any veracity in the statement? Instead of being resentful or getting in your feelings, try not to act the victim but carry out some serious introspection. While it is never easy to hear unflattering things about ourselves, think of it as an opportunity for growth.

Based on the checklist below, see how many you tick off on the negativity metre. You may surprise yourself.

1. When you make general comments people often stare at you and shake their heads.

2. You are usually the last person to get invited to a party or get-together.

3. When you enter a room of people just chitchatting, people tend to disperse.

4. You have very few friends and the few you do have may be family members.

5. You hold up to grudges, even when you say you have forgiven people hence you still bring it up.

6. When anything good happens that others are celebrating, your first words are “it’s too good to be true, so it’s probably not”

7. You tell every friend who starts a new relationship, ‘Enjoy the honeymoon period now cause he will soon cheat on you!’

8. You are quick to find problems but never a possible solution