8 things Jamaican men are said to be good at

Ahhh… the Jamaican man. That extraordinary creature that is both the star of every Jamaican woman’s dreams, as well as the bane of her existence.

We love them, and at times we hate them. And so we love to hate them, yet it seems that we cannot do without them if it is even to help us lift heavy boxes from point A to B. Indeed they are truly a special breed.

The following represent a few of the things that a Jamaican man is said to be highly skilled in. It is meant to be funny and not at all meant to offend our man folk whose ego can be quite fragile at times. If you do not find it funny, it is probably not only because you are a male, but because it hit a little too close to home!

Making babies

In fact, some at adept at making several at almost the same time with the women being in labour simultaneously or one after the other.


Yup, some women swear their mates suffer from a malady known as ‘liabetes’ that can be quite frustrating to deal with much less treat.

Playing Dominoes

If you meet a ‘yaad man’ who does not like or does not play dominoes, chances are he grew up sheltered because the average one is socialised to play dominoes and tell stories while giving you ‘6 love’.

Giving ‘bun’/ Cheating

Some are so proficient at it that they will get one woman to iron their best suit so that they can go marry another the next day. It has happened more than once!

Getting lost because they refuse to ask for directions

Because they think they have a built-in GPS in their head, most refuse to ask for directions, especially from a woman.

Giving everyone around them a nickname

From ‘5 past midnight’ to ‘spoonhead’, they can dish it out but rarely take it and feel some type of way when it is reciprocated.

Believing they are sports experts

All when it is Nascar or NFL, two sports that are not big in Jamaica, they think they know everything, and you cannot challenge them as to how many times each sports car goes around the track

Telling themselves they are the best lovers ….ever!

I think we, women, are to be blamed here for inflating their heads and even outrightly lying to prevent bruised egos. Shame on all of you for creating these monsters.