8 things Jamaican women are said to be great at

If you are a fan of the band Fab Five Incorporated, then you know their big hit Jamaican Woman.

Jamaican women are said to be good at shopping.

The line about them being sugar and salt particularly resonates with men as they say there is no set of females more vexing, versatile or vivacious than a woman from this tiny piece of the rock. They love to complain about us yet still they cannot do without us, as a house is not a home if it does not have one of us in it.

Once again, this listing is meant to be humorous, not to start a fuss. So do not get your panties all bunched up and forget about being bitter. Just laugh, nod and smile, and if you know it applies to you, wink in your heart. No one will ever know.

Using tears as a weapon against the opposite set

It is not our fault they fall for it.

Giving Jacket

Since my name is not Maury, I am going to leave that one alone.

Fighting over man

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has nothing for some of our high flying moves.

Working hard as a single parent

We take lemons and make lemonade. We take little and make a great deal out of it. That is our amazing ability.


We love a good bargain or sale, even when we are broke. Retail Therapy does work.

Playing cash pot

If we can dream it, we will play it.

Saving money

Nobody can throw several hands of ‘pardna’ like we do. And if money is tight. we even throw half of a hand.

‘Tying man’

The stewed peas concept is kind of outdated, as men are only eating this from family members or people they trust. They use other methods now like the Indian psychics. I kid you not!