8 things men are obsessed with

No matter how old they are, some men just love playing video games.

We all have our passions, proclivities and our peeves, and sometimes the things we talk about and discuss do happen to run along gender lines, partially because of our different socialisation and the rest because of our genetic composition.

While I do not necessarily subscribe to the notion that men are from Mars and women from Venus, we do like different things and sometimes we like them so much that they become almost addictive in nature, and we cannot seem to give them a rest, so even when we are not doing it, we are talking about doing it.


Men, like women, are obsessed with a number of things, and, we have compiled a list of these things. These are generalisations and does not necessarily pertain to every man; just a good majority. If you are a male, you can choose to either agree or not agree. If you are a female, just nod and smile because we live with them, so like old-time people would say we know “what a clock a strike.”

Is there ever such a thing as too much sports for a man?

1. Their ‘junk’ or ‘package’

I don’t need to repeat myself as that is pretty self-explanatory. From the size to the curvature, they study it more than any exam they have ever taken.

2. Watching sports

Watching and attending sporting events …constantly. Just how much football do you really need to see?

3. Big TVs

Buying mega televisions to watch action movies and more sports events. When it comes to flat-screen TVs, the bigger the better. Sometimes these electronic monstrosities can barely fit into their tiny apartments or bedrooms, and worse if the wall is not solid concrete, they cannot be mounted on to it. That does not stop them from ordering and spending their last cent on getting an 80-inch television because they say it is all about the picture quality. Sheesh.

Men can’t seem to get enough of big TVs and violent movies.

4. Video games

The person who came up with the concept of the very first video game back in the day should be tarred and feathered! For a women’s perspective, there are countless precious and valuable man hours spent cuddling handheld devices that could be spent working more money or playing and interacting with your children, so from that point of view, I do not get it.

5. Work out equipment

Note, it is the equipment most are crazy over, not necessarily the working out itself. Men like to be around exercise equipment, as it makes them feel more manly.

Even if they don’t use it, men are obsessed with workout equipment.

6. Women’s body parts

A man will dissect a woman right before your eyes in a nanosecond and reduce her down to her lips, bottom, thighs, breasts, legs and so on. He will then pick out his favourite parts as if it is a jigsaw puzzle and stack his preferences together. You will hear a guy say: “I wish Michelle’s head was on Tina’s chest and she had Marva’s tiny waist. Wow, that would be perfect.” It is lost on them just how much they objectify women.

7. ‘One upping’ each other

Everything has to be a silly competition. From who can belch the loudest to who can get the most numbers from girls. It never ends. This childish behaviour you can overlook when they are 25 and under, but when a man of 45 still pulls these antics, leave him alone because you will be dating a man–child.

8. Violent Movies

Have you ever heard a man say that Scarface isn’t his type of movie? Some go as far as to have the poster in their homes. Blood, gore, guts and violence will win every day of the week, and they will watch the same movies repeatedly before they sit and watch a cooking show. Go figure.

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