8 things women are obsessed with

Many women can’t help but apply makeup while in their cars.

Ladies, do not for a minute think that we are all sugar and spice and everything honey-scented, as we, too, have our idiosyncrasies and craziness that sometimes leave our menfolk baffled and bewildered. We, at times, prioritise things that add no real value to our lives. We spend time, money and effort on some things that are really silly, but then it is the often unexplained things that we do that makes us who we are.

Men, you just have to come along for the journey. It is not for you to understand, just for you to be understanding.

Gossiping is certainly something that some women do.

1. Touching up make-up using the car mirror

Even though they left the house after an hour-long make-up exercise and having their face ‘beat’, they still insist that before they step out to attend the function, they need last-minute touches because they have to be flawless.

2. Celebrity Gossip

Why ‘who has a baby bump this season to who is newly engaged’ is a worthy topic for hours of discussion is beyond me, but some people even start blogs dedicated to other people’s business.

3. Matching things

Matching the right purse, shoes and jewellery with the new dress just bought for that one occasion. It does not matter that they may never wear the dress again, especially if it is a maid of honour or bridesmaid dress. Just know that the accessories have to be on point or homegirl will not be in a good mood throughout the event.

4. Hiding their age

Do not ask, they will not tell you, and if they do, they have shaved off between five and eight years off their birth certificate.

In addition to hiding their age, some females are secretive with their age.

5. Cellulite

Every woman’s arch-nemesis and their ever-present fear. If anything starts jiggling, best believe that it gets blown out of proportion.  

6. Stuffed animals

We are not just talking about one or two that they put on their child’s bed. Nope. Some women have stuffed teddy bears and pet giraffes by the dozens in their own beds, on their dressers, even along the rear glass in their car, which actually obstruct their vision and make it harder to reverse out of small spaces. Yes, toys give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, but when you have more than you have space, you have gotten ridiculous.

7. Gaining weight

No matter how rich, cute or educated a woman, if you utter the statement: “You’ve gained weight,” you may send them spiralling into panic mode because there are few things as emotionally devastating.

8. Keeping their income a secret

Most men, even those who are married have no real clue what their spouse’s earn. Trust and believe she knows his income, but nine out of 10 men have no clue what her real figure is. That is a closely guarded secret, as they believe if he knows, the division of household expenditure will radically shift and not in her favour.

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