8 things you should try in your relationship

Young african-american couple quarreling at home, woman crying. Family relationship difficulties concept, copy space

Even with the most positive and personable partners, relationships can
be hard. It’s like when you were in school learning trigonometry and
nothing the math teacher said was making sense to you.

It can be very difficult at times, and if you do not have the requisite tools to
navigate, you will be floundering.

Some people wind up hopping from one union to the next, searching for what they will never find, as the problem may be hard to decipher if you are not willing to first look within.

The following are some basic tips to foster communication in a

They may seem simple enough, but do not underestimate
the power of putting in the effort. If you are willing to put in the
work you can reap the rewards.

1. Listen more, talk less

2. Empower your partner

3. Understand their love language

4. If they upset you, you do not throw ‘low blows’

5. Take a time-out if an argument is getting heated and nasty

6. Do not talk bad about your mate to your family or friends

7.  Never withhold sex just to be spiteful. (This goes both ways).

8. Show them that you love them, do not just say it. Remember love is
a verb, meaning it is an ‘action’ word.