9 bosses no one wants

It is one year later and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic that does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. As a result, jobs are pretty scarce in most sectors so people are holding on to the one they have for dear life.

However, this does not mean that every work situation is ideal. The work environment may not be great and to top it off you may be saddled with the boss from hell who makes everything more tedious. Most of us have had a difficult boss at some point, but we can usually cope.

Here are a few types of bosses are too difficult to tolerate:

1. Micromanagers: They give you tasks to do and then call you every half an hour to see if it’s done.

2. Stands over your shoulder: Most people cannot work if they are constantly being monitored. It is like a guard watching your every move in a cell.

3. Comes in and curses everybody out: They had a bad morning at home with their spouse or someone cut them off in traffic so they come and take it all out on their staff

4. Pit workers against each other: Manipulates situations so that staff fight against each other thus preventing team cohesion and positive group dynamics.

5. Invites employees to ‘carry news’ on each other: Their open door policy involved rumours and ‘backstabbing’.

6.  Never praises the staff. Not even an occasional “Good job guys”

7. Will not let workers leave even when they are sick: Employees cannot leave early.

8. Makes you eat at your desk instead of giving you a designated lunch time: Which is illegal but most individuals do not know their rights.

9. Even when the company makes a good profit, they never give a bonus or even a gift to workers: There is no incentive or the appearance of concern as to the staff’s welfare.