9 sports men love to watch women play

Men love sports, and women’s sports serve up a dual reason to watch.

There is something about an athletic woman that gets men rowdy and revved up. The outfits, the pheromones and sculpted bodies have them behaving worse that dogs in heat and they will remain glued to the television or shouting from the stands as they cheer on a team they care nothing about.

There are some sports more worthy of athleticism than others. For example golf will not make the list since there is nothing cool or cute about khaki shorts or utility-looking black and white shoes.

He probably can’t tell you a center from a wing attack but he’s certainly a huge fan of netball, isn’t he?

1. Beach Volleyball: It is all about the sand, swimsuit and the sun-kissed skin showing. Add women diving for balls and jumping in the air and you got yourself a certified winner.

2. Track & Field: Some of the most toned physiques are found on the track out or on the field, sweating in the sun while making it all look so easy.

Seeing a woman at the top of her game, is a huge thrill for many men.

3.  Tennis: When you think of Serena Williams and her gluteus maximus you know that a tennis racket does a body good.

4. Wrestling: There is something about a woman who can defend herself that draws them in like moth to a flame.

23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

5. Football: Does one need more than snug shorts?

6: Netball: Those teeny, tiny skirts are a distraction for many in the male population.

7. Cheerleading: All that flipping and twirling also flips and twirls the heart strings of men.

8. Swimming: Whether it’s a one-piece or otherwise, those svelte bodies have sparked many midnight emission.

9. Boxing: A strong, dominant female is a certified turn-on.