9 things people want to do after taking the vaccine

So you took the vaccine, good for you. Now that you have had your ‘jab’, you feel invincible, like you could run a marathon. The possibilities seem endless and you just want to revel in your newfound lease on life but pump your brakes for a second. Remember you still have to follow all the safety protocols and you still have to be careful. The vaccine is not a miracle drug or an impenetrable shield. Now that you want to celebrate your vaccination.

Here are some suggested plans for when that vaccine hits:

1. Head to the nearest restaurant and celebrate by dining in.

2. Wheel, dip and fall back and thank God for the miracle of life.

3. Throw away those cumbersome masks.

4. Go hug up the old people in your home that you been afraid of touching because they are in the vulnerable age group.

5. Thank the nurse who gave you the ‘jook.

6. Travel internationally.

7. Opt out of working from home and go back to face-to-face work in an office.

8. Hang out with friends.

9. Cough and/or sneeze out loud.