9 things to leave behind in 2020

Fireworks light the sky during the New Year’s celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, early Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. Germany is entering 2021 in a lockdown that appears certain to be extended beyond its current Jan. 10 end date, with new coronavirus cases and deaths related to COVID-19 remaining at worryingly high levels. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

The idea that you have 365 days to do anything you want to live your best life is a great opportunity for growth like no other. Finances may hold you back a bit but there is still a lot you can change if you put your mind and back into it. 

There are some things you wish to change and then there are others that you need to change to remove negativity from your life. You may wonder why so-called ‘crosses’ always seems to follow you. Emotional growth is important as it does not look good to be 35 and still acting 15!

If you’ve been in an unhappy relationship, maybe this is the time for introspection about carrying it further into the New Year.

Here are some key things to shed as you step gingerly into 2021. Good luck and God speed!

1. Making excuses: Just stop, assess the situation and own it.

2. Faking it: Social media have many people fronting a life that really does not exist. It must be tiring.

3. Trying to be perfect:

4. Co-signing to a friend’s messy lifestyle: If you cannot tell a friend when they are wrong, then you are not a real friend.

5. Being argumentative: People like to argue, sometimes, as if it’s a sport. Being combative is not attractive and after a while gets exhausting. Just quit.

6. Always being in the middle of drama: Stop playing ‘Chinese telephone’ and being dragged into other people’s problems. Exit stage left.

7. Not being authentic: Even if other people do not like your choices, as long as they are not negatively impacting anyone else, do you.

8. Being a people-pleaser: And how has that been working out for you?

9. A relationship that’s just not working: Sometimes you simply have to walk away because it not only becomes toxic but may end up tragic.