A 10-minute song? More than 20 artistes to appear on reggae track

When you think of a song collaboration, you may fathom three to five artistes coming together to slay a track. Well, how about 20?

Ainsworth ‘Mitchie’ Williams says it was hard getting all the acts together for the track.

That’s right. The song, Voices Against War, is produced by Oranje Streetz Musick and is scheduled for release any day now. It features at least 20 artistes, from household names like Luciano, Johnny Clarke, Big Youth, Stranger Cole and Glen Ricks, to new wave acts like Jah Fagan, Ras Kelly Holt, Chester Miller, Anlisha and Abrianna.

Making history

The latter is the daughter of the label’s founder and producer Ainsworth ‘Mitchie’ Williams, who also appears on the track.

“The song is gonna be about 10 to 12 minutes long, and I think it a go help promote itself because of the legends that are on it,” Williams told BUZZ. “It could be the first song ever released in Jamaica with so many artistes on it, so we’d be making history too.”

From left: Oranje Streetz Musick producer Ainsworth ‘Mitchie’ Williams hangs with Chester Miller and Flabba Holt.

Getting that many artistes to come together to shoot a video was not an easy task, but the contributors rolled in one by one on various days this week, downtown, to make it work.

Rub-a-dub vibe

Resting on a one-drop beat with some ’80s rub-a-dub vibe’, the entertainers make their plea for world peace, a critical message at a time when crimes against women and children have reared its ugly head in Jamaica.

“We just want the message to go out there and feed the living soul,” Ras Kelly Holt said. “Wi tired of the war, so we send a message to the world leader, the queen, the president, all of them.”

Ainsworth ‘Mitchie’ Williams says the song will be between 10 and 12 minutes long.

Jah Fagan added: “We’re all glad to be a part of this based on what is going on in Jamaica and the world. We anticipate that it’ll be accepted globally because it’s something most people would want to hear and something to lift them up.”

Marketing and promotion

A multiplicity of musicians are also involved, including percussionist Junior Congo.

“When mi hear the various artistes and musicians on it – Flabba Holt, Dean Fraser …me as a young percussionist feel nice to be involved because it’s a positive song,” Congo said.

Getting 20-plus acts on stage to perform the song may not actualise soon, but Williams said it’s still 20 different platforms and markets where each act can promote the record.

Ainsworth ‘Mitchie’ Williams says the track will be available on vinyl.

Big things

Additionally, the track will be distributed digitally and via vinyl, which only makes sense as Williams manages the Rockers International record shop in Kingston.

“The calibre of artistes weh on it are vinyl artistes, artistes from those days, so mi know the world a look for that. There’s a vinyl craze in Europe, so we need to supply that wide cross-section of people.”

He, too, is optimistic that the record and video will be well-received.

“It tek a whole heap of work because of everyone’s different schedules and fi find whose verse matches with whose, but all that starts well ends well, so mi a look forward to some big things from it.”