A bush or a bald beaver: What do men prefer?

The verdict is still out on what men prefer.

On this one, the jury is still out, as men may say one thing, but in a situation do the total opposite. Case in point, some men will claim to like it bald, but when they meet a woman they really fancy, if she has hair or a ‘landing strip’, they are not going to reject her. Nope. Instead, their standards changed to accommodate the situation.

So, which is the more preferred? Well, each has its own merits. A clean-shaven mound of joy eliminates sweat – its accompanying bacteria and odour – and has an aesthetically more pleasant look or profile. And do not forget, no hair there means no hair caught between their teeth. I am just saying.

Let us face it, a hairy bush is not attractive when a woman puts on a bikini and things start sticking out all over. The unkempt bush comes across as lazy and that the woman does not take pride in herself or her personal feminine hygiene practices. However, back in the day bushy pubes was in, as that was what men were accustomed to. Then the evolution of the porn industry made both genders aware that, yes, it can be trimmed up, styled, neaten or shaved completely bald, and everyone started going crazy with a razor and soap. Women started landscaping, and men loved it, as they finally could see what they had been tasting the whole time.

Yet still, some men prefer to see the bush in all its glory. Some guys like a bush because they like to run their finger through the hair, and also, very importantly, it visually proves that they are with a grown woman and not a child. Yes, some men need that psychological reassurance. A few also like the colour and texture contrast of hair against the skin.

Don’t throw away those razors just yet, ladies.

So, in the end, which is the current standard of beauty? AskMen Magazine polled some 5,000 men and interestingly found that only five per cent of men dig the ‘burning bush’ theme. So when it comes to pubic hair, the all-natural look is out. About 41 per cent of men say they prefer women to be either all bare or Brazilian down below. Basically, only five men out of one hundred like a full bush. So, ladies, keep your scissor, shear and hair remover handy at all times.

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