A dark place: Tamar Braxton says she considered suicide many times

Tamar Braxton’s suicide attempt in July was a first, but the American celebrity has thought about ending her life many times.

Tamar Braxton

She explained that before that suicide attempt, there were many times that she wanted to die but decided not to.

“There’s been a time when I wanted to, but this is the first time I [acted on it],” she said in an interview with Page Six’s Tamron Hall.

“It’s been a lot of dark, hard times. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to a circumstance.”

In July, the singer was found unresponsive in a hotel room in Los Angeles after trying to kill herself.

Months later, she said that she has been receiving counselling but has not been on any medication.

This is not the first time that Braxton has spoken about her suicide attempt. In September, she opened up in a social media post in which she thanked God for giving her a second chance.

“God thank you for saving me! You know my true heart. Despite what the world may think of me, you kept me here for a reason. You are a God of second chances, and this second chance I won’t take for granted. The world can often be a dark place but I must resort to you for my light,” she said in the Instagram.