A kids show in Denmark features a man with a gigantic penis

Dear parents, your discretion is going to be needed for this TV show created for your kids. It’s called John Dillermand and is an animation starring a man with a penis so massive and flexible it can save children from danger, fetch objects, and even operate as a pogo stick.

Yea, you read that correctly. The show is aired in Denmark and has faced massive backlash from some parents who are urging Denmark’s flagship broadcaster, DR, to remove it.

The show’s opening montage shows him using his genitals to keep a lion away from a group of children.

In episode one, Dillermand uses his gigantic, stripey penis as a lead for his dog. But soon he was overwhelmed with requests from neighbours to take their pets for a walk too.

At another point in the show, he is stuck floating in mid-air after balloons are tied to his groin. And in another episode, he breaks a friend’s vase with his penis and must raise money to pay them back, and in a third, he uses it to steal an ice cream at the zoo.

But despite the criticism the show has received, Sarah Cecilie a spokesperson for DR, told CNN it is enjoying immense success. “In Denmark it is now a huge success, and the children are watching it in big numbers,” she said.

We know you’re curious, so go ahead and heck out episodes of the show here.