A recap of Queenie’s wedding

Jamaican entertainer Queenie, whose given name is Janese Espeut, is now officially Mrs Scarlett.

The 51-year-old tied the knot Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, 20 years her junior, on Saturday at Hellshire beach in St Catherine.

More than 12,000 viewers watched the event as it unfolded live on her YouTube vlog channel, and it was truly the disorganised but entertaining mess that people love Queenie for.

The bride walked down the aisle to her song Ring and paparazzi in the form of traditional press, fans and other beach visitors. She wore a mermaid wedding dress designed with chiffon illusion, beads, and a satin chapel train. She also wore a veil under her swoop hairstyle, and lace gloves. Scarlett wore a white suit, nude undershirt and purple clarks. The wedding theme was noticeably purple and white as the colours accentuated the simple beach set-up.

The ceremony continued with the singing of a Christian hymn and a message from the officiating minister.

“I want both of you to know that marriage is a serious thing,” he said. “You’re not going to be like other persons getting married and another year you break up. It must be until death us do part.”

He then proceeded with the saying of traditional wedding vows.

“Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others. No more girlfriend, right?

Queenie shouted “Amen” before Scarlett responded with “I will.”

Between Queenie chewing on either a sweet or gum and her maid of honour patting her down, the minister had some more words, this time for Scarlett.

“You must play your role as a good man and you supposed to be the provider and you supposed to be the protector.”

The ring exchange followed with the groom. After Queenie placed the ring on his finger, she said, “Me and yuh married now.”

The minister announced them man and wife and they signed the marriage certificate before Scarlett kissed his bride.

“It’s a lovely feeling ladies,” she said afterwards. “Thanks to everyone who support.”

The newlyweds then walked down the aisle, well, Queenie skipped as her breakout hit Double Tap played. Midway down the sandy aisle, Queenie bent over and Scarlett took the cue. Onlookers, of course, lived for it, likewise Queenie running around and rolling in the sand in her childlike joy.

She did an interview before throwing the bouquet and Scarlett seemed to fade in the background as fans and attendees swarmed Queenie for photos.

She soon took her phone to acknowledge her YouTube viewers, and eventually called Scarlett to be in some of the pictures.

The couple met less than a year ago thanks to some june plums, and have been inseparable since.