A true beauty: 10 things you need to know about Miss World Toni-Ann Singh

Toni-Ann takes a walk after being crowned Miss World on Saturday.

The name Toni-Ann Singh is on everybody’s lips after she walked away with the Miss World crown on Saturday.

Although she won the Miss Jamaica World pageant earlier this year, many persons didn’t know about her before Saturday.

BUZZ wants you to be informed, so we have gathered all the things you really need to know about Toni-Ann in the list below.

Toni-Ann is a woman with a big heart and a big voice.

1. She is from St Thomas

Fellow St Thomas native Popcaan was quick to highlight her connection to the parish. Yes, she hails from Morant Bay, the place that is a big part of Jamaica’s history because of the Morant Bay Rebellion.

2. Toni-Ann is just 23 years old

Toni-Ann was born in 1996. Yup, 1996, but she has achieved many things in her short years.

Toni-Ann shares a moment with her parents, Bradshaw Singh (left) and Jahrine Bailey.

3. Her mixed heritage

Her dad Bradshaw is of Indian descent and her mom, Jahrine Bailey, has African roots. Therefore, Toni-Ann truly represents Jamaica’s motto – ‘Out of Many, One People’.

4. She migrated when she was nine years old

While she hails from St Thomas, she has been living in the United States since she was nine years old.

5. She has a degree in women’s studies and psychology

Not only is she a beauty, but she is equally intelligent, as she holds a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies and psychology from Florida State University.

6.  Terri-Karelle encouraged her to enter

Former Miss Jamaica World winner Terri-Karelle Reid was the one who encouraged Toni-Ann to enter the local pageant after they met at Florida Caribbean Association pageant that Toni Ann had entered.

7. Toni-Ann is now the fourth Jamaican to win Miss World

Three Jamaicans have worn the Miss World crown before Toni-Ann. They are Carol Joan Crawford in 1962, Cindy Breakspeare in 1976 and Lisa Hanna in 1993.

8. Toni-Ann is the oldest Jamaican to win Miss World

While Toni-Ann is a young 23, she is the oldest of the four winners to wear the crown. Carole Joan Crawford was 20, Cindy won at 22 and Lisa was only 19. However, the oldest person to ever win the competition is the USA’s Brook Lee in 1997 at 26.

9. Toni-Ann can really sing

Toni stunned the world with we rendition of Whitney Houston’s I have Nothing which set on her on a path to glory. She notes that she may consider singing in the future.

10. Her mom is her inspiration

In the question and answer segment with Piers Morgan, Toni-Ann told the world that her mom is her greatest inspiration. She was brought to tears as she told Piers what her mom had done for her, sacrificing her own needs and wants.

What do you think, BUZZ fam? Did we increase your knowledge of Jamaica’s beauty queen, Toni-Ann?