Abs-mazing! Busta Rhymes shows off impressive weight loss

While the year has taken a toll on many, Busta Rhymes took to the ‘Gram to show that he was no couch potato during quarantine.

Busta Rhymes showed off his impressive fitness results on Instagram earlier today.

The 48-year-old rapper showed off his impressive weight loss in a before and after post that had many wishing they’d ordered a salad for lunch.

He captioned the abs-dominated pic, “Don’t even give up on yourself!! Life begins right now!! My dedication is different!!”

He added that he would not put out an album and not be in the best shape of his life beucase ‘I respect myself too much and I respect y’all too much!!!”

The Touch It rapper added, “I’m only here to inspire!!”

He also made it clear that his success was not a solo effort and gave a shout-out to his celebrity team of trainer Victor Munoz, Chef Deliche and competitive bodybuilders Dexter “The Blade” Jackson, Kai Green and Victor Martinez.