Actions speak louder than words: 9 ways to tell he loves you

Some men, although they love you, are not good at communicating.

Men, bless their hearts, are generally not big on communicating their feelings, especially when it comes to the ‘L’ word. They are doers, not sayers, and that is OK, for the most part, if their actions speak volumes in terms of how good they are to you.

The old adage ‘action speaks louder than words’ pretty much sum up how some men operate in a relationship, as verbalising their emotions may make them a tad uncomfortable. Hence, you have to watch keenly for signs to gauge how they really feel about you.

You can tell he loves you based on his actions.

The signs

1. He goes out of his way to make your life easier. He does not have to be told to do things, he does it because he cares.

2. He checks up on your throughout the day, maybe through a text or a phone call.

3. He checks in with you. By letting you know where he is at and who he is with, he is reassuring you that you are important enough for him to make you comfortable when he is not in your presence.

4. He asked about your day and actually sits and listens to you. This is a biggy, as some individual like to talk about themselves but will tune you out when you need them to listen.

A man who truly loves you will make you feel comfortable around him.

5. When given the opportunity to go out or go off with the homies, he would rather stay home with you.

6. His friends mention how much positive and kind things he says about you when you are not there.

7. In making the simplest of decisions, he asks you for your opinion. This means that he values you.

8. Even on your worst hair days when you feel unattractive, he still looks at you admiringly. A man who loves you through morning breath, ‘bed head’ and 10 extra pounds is a keeper in this era of selfish, superficial love.

9. He treats you with respect. Even in the midst of disagreements he will never call out your name and use terms derogatory terms towards you because his aim is never to demean or belittle but to empower.

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