Actor Hal Holbrook has died

Hal Holbrook

Film, television, and stage actor Hal Holbrook has died. He was 95-years-old. Holbrook is known for channeling Mark Twain in a one-man stage show.

His death was confirmed by his assistant, Joyce Cohen, on Monday night, to the New York Times

The award-winning Holbrook had an illustrious career. He played the mysterious source Deep Throat in All the President’s Men in 1976, and earned an Oscar nomination for his grandfather role in Into the Wild in 2007. He also worked with Steven Spielberg on 2012’s Lincoln.

He had previously earned an Emmy Award for portraying Abraham Lincoln in 1974 miniseries, one of his five wins for television acting. Holbrook had the range to be a regular on 1980s sitcom Designing Women and take on Shakespeare’s King Lear.