Actor Oliver Samuels returns to TV for Thanksgiving comedy special

Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels will make his grand return to television on Thursday as part of a three-day Thanksgiving comedy special.

Oliver Samuels will return to television this week. (Photo: Instagram/Oliver Samuels)

The pay-per-view event coincides with the comedy King’s 50-year anniversary in theatre and will be accessible via for $29.99 per patron. Only one login per password will be allowed.

The comedy special is being promoted as a contemporary Oliver at Large, an ode to his hit comedy series which debuted on national television in the late 80s. The series was often co-produced by Samuels and actor Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson, so it only makes sense that the latter forms part of the online event.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, Samuels said appearances will also be made by actors Deon Silvera, Michael ‘Stringbeans’ Nicholson and Peter Abrikian. In honour of his contribution to theatre and Jamaican comedy, a number of personalities including Ity, Glen Campbell, Basil Dawkins, Teddy Price, Ruth HoShing and Audrey Reid are expected to make toasts.

Michael Dawson of Whirlwind International Entertainment told the media outlet that the event was always in the works and actualised this year because of the physical-distancing restrictions of the pandemic.

“Now, because touring is not on the cards, all we have is time, so it was perfect,” Dawson said. “We have updated some of the storylines from that original television series. So, for example, there is that popular episode where Oliver was at the airport but could not leave the country as he had no visa… Well, what happened when he got the visa? There are so many great stories.”