Adam and Eve Day Spa and how it became one of the leaders in its field (PartII)

Owner, Adam and Eve Day Spa, Kimisha Walker.

As popular spa and salon Adam & Eve prepares to open its doors on its expanded facilities on Old Hope Road in a matter of weeks, BUZZ chatted with Kimisha Walker for the second part of her interview on how she and her husband, Garth Walker, have built one of the country’s finest spas.

BUZZ: How has the business grown and what measures did you take to ensure that was the case?

KW: You have to be passionate about the field you select and ride the waves that are thrown at you. Believe me when I say that adversities are at every corner, but with a true warrior spirit, you have to realize that without challenges you cannot grow. I’m yet to meet a successful businessman or woman that has never been rejected or have never faced obstacles. After every storm, there will be a calm.

BUZZ: Taking care of the welfare of your children while overseeing the operations of the business must be challenging. How do you manage to balance both?

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KW: Being a mom of three beautiful kids is an amazing accomplishment. The saying really rings true, that it takes a village to raise a child and this couldn’t be done without the unwavering support of family and friends.

Everything is all about priority and striking a balance. I’m thankful to have a good structure both at home and at the office. I’m comfortable while away from the home in the fact that the kids are in great hands and that I have professionally trained staff that can be left to execute expertly our vision to provide unique pampering to our clients. In addition to that, we are in a technology era, and everything is at your fingertips.

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I have a great business partner that is very handson at the office and home. My husband Garth and I actively encourage family time and through this we can put the pieces together to make this work.

BUZZ: Adam & Eve is an established spa brand now. What plans do you have for the next ten years and would you like to venture into the wider Caribbean?

KW: Yes! For sure Caribbean and International expansion is on our horizon. We would like to take Adam & Eve into new markets.

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I remember approaching the five-year mark with Adam & Eve and it was both scary and exciting for it is said to be a milestone for a company, signifying its ability to be able to get over the hill. Reaching a milestone of twelve years is no easy feat for any business, considering all the obstacles that we had to overcome and we remain very grateful and humbled that we have so far defied the odds. As evidence of our success, we have received several awards which demonstrates the level of hard work and dedication our management and team members put in daily. We continue to stay committed to being a driving force in the spa industry and a successful Jamaican homemade brand.

My husband and I along with the team, are happy to announce that within the coming weeks, we will be moving into our new home, 56 Old Hope Road, which is double the size that we presently operate from.

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We will also be including new amenities, to our spa menu like a sauna, hydrotherapy and relaxation area, café and a refreshment bar, Zen garden, advance equipment, new treatments and a full complement of Adam and Eve branded homecare line to add to our existing suite of services (massage, facial, hair, nails, body treatments, grooming for both men and women) so our clients can relax even more. We want to create a home away from home.

BUZZ: What tips do you have for regular spa goers?

KW: Relaxation is a must. You work hard, so you deserve to take care of yourself even more. Going to the spa is no longer viewed as a luxury, it is a necessity, so I encourage everyone to at least once a month, visit our spa.  

BUZZ: How do you intend to get more clients who do not use the spa regular?

For the twelve years we have been in operation, word of mouth has been our biggest marketing tool. The more you honour and respect your clients, the more they will recommend you.

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However, we will also be looking at more strategic ways of marketing by partnering with different mediums. It is critical that our clients enjoy the convenience of our Web site ( and are also able to utilize the various interactive social media pages available. Our website layout and design is very user-friendly.

The features, functionality, and content make the consumer experience easier and give the client ease of access to our spa menu options at the touch of a finger. Adam and Eve Day Spa and Salon’s social media pages have a strong branding message that has extended to all demographical and geological landscapes, which truly provides the best experience for our customers. With approximately 20,000 followers split between both Facebook (adamandevedayspa) and Instagram (@adamnevespa), Adam and Eve’s social interaction showcases our impeccable customer service and offers customer value added features to build a real interactive community.

The convenience of a new 10,000 square-foot location at 56 Old Hope Road should see us attracting even more customers. For further information, we can be reached at any mediums above or 876-754-60180 or 876-906-4151 or email us at

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Adam & Eve Day Spa and Salon, as a brand embarked on a mission to strengthen its position in the marketplace and as such garnered alliances and partners that have been mutually beneficial. Through these alliances, our brand has maintained a competitive advantage in our quest for advancement and stability that assisted in our growth and development over the years. We have managed to add tremendous value to our client experience as a result of these alliances and partners.

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We are also outfitting our new home with a more relaxing comfortable feel and believe this will entice people to make us their spa home. We are also paying attention to international visitors and want them to make Adam & Eve Day Spa and Salon a must do experience during their visit to Jamaica. This is a major investment not only for our directors and staff but also for the tourism sector. Along with being a household name, we want to be a  model for investors in Jamaica.

BUZZ: Have you seen growth and greater appreciation of personal grooming in Jamaica since you started the business?

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Adam & Eve Day Spa was born out of the passion of wanting to share experiences with those who want to spa. At Adam & Eve Day Spa we believe that within each person exists the potential for perfect balance—a harmony between physical appearance and internal wellness that radiates from the inside out.

We are here to help you achieve this balance and as such have provided a relaxing haven in which to refresh and rejuvenate. We invite you to come in and de-stress, relax, rejuvenate and unwind at Adam & Eve Day Spa, where our services are unparalleled. It’s with that same passion and holistic approach, that Adam & Eve Day Spa has grown to be one of Jamaica’s leading professional, personal care treatment and rejuvenation service providers. The company is extremely excited to have created a haven that offers peaceful, professional quality and affordable services to its clients.

BUZZ: What advise do you have for people starting a business in Jamaica?

You have to be dedicated and committed to your brand and remain steadfast  when it looks like it’s about to fail because you must be armed with belief and courage. You have to  hold on dearly to those core values, when you decide to become an  entrepreneur. Sometimes we get lulled into the misapprehension that being an entrepreneur is the easier way out and frankly it’s not. I think it is important to keep it real on this point. Many people view the accomplishments of successful entrepreneurs as being easy without considering what had to be done to make that success a reality. When you start seeing profits, remain as humble as possible, because there will be turbulent days. In life know that you can either exceed your expectations or they can be delayed. It is important to pray and look to God and count your blessings.

Stop procrastinating, stop telling yourself that you cannot do it, find a way out and you will be thankful and so tremendously proud of yourself. Everyone won’t be your cheerleader, believe in yourself and acknowledge those who are your true supporters. You will need them to talk some sense to you. Be respectful always, it will get you a far way! A mentor once told me, ‘If, you can’t be the best, be better, if you can’t be better be good and always remember that it took you a while to climb the ladder of success, so be willing to send the elevator back down when you reach.’ Get yourself a good lawyer, banker, accountant, mentor, supporter, a husband like my Garth!

BUZZ: You and your husband make a good team together. Tell us about that dynamic, many people say they would not like to work with their spouse.

Kimisha Walker, with husband, Garth Walker.

Behind every successful businesswoman there is a great man, at least that’s the case for me.

We are two very strong individuals so I will not say to you that we don’t have disagreements. We both hold very strong opinions and are cognizant that certain decisions require both our inputs. I have to say that after an engaging discussion about the business you have to know when to hold and when to fold. You have to know when you’re crossing the boundaries of work and your goals as a couple and agree to disagree. We communicate very well and this has been a key attribute to our business/ home relationship. It’s not always about winning an argument, because at the end of the day you are both fighting for the same outcome which is what is best for the family and the business.