Advice to first time expectant moms

You are happy but nervous. Excited but petrified. Eager but scared poopless. It is the biggest occasion of your life and the show can start any day now and you want a commanding performance complete with cheers and tonnes of congratulations.

Being a mom-to-be can be a wonderful experience, as you get to choose baby names, buy cute tiny clothing, get lots of gifts and even see what your baby will look like before you even hold him or her physically.

You will also be given a lot of advice from other mothers about dos and don’ts and what works for them but at this juncture, it is all about what makes you comfortable and what will work for you and your precious little one. The following are some guidelines for first-time mothers that can be utilised with ease. Happy nesting!

1. Pack your bag by the 7th month. Remember babies do not like schedules. They can come early so you ideally should have a basic bag prepared just in case.

2. Do not become a germaphobe. While it is understandable that you do not want your baby to get sick, sanitising your hand every time you or anyone else is about to touch them is a bit excessive.

3. On that same note, do not let random people kiss your baby, especially not on the mouth. It is not hygienic in the least. Plus you do not know where some of those mouths have been! 

4. Do not play hero. If you are overwhelmed with a crying baby, ask for help.  Everybody needs a break or a breather and you are no different.

5. Forget about keeping your home immaculate or a while. Nobody expects you to win the Real Housewife of Kingston award anyways. The baby is priority one — so the dishes can take a backseat.

6. Take time to nap. Note I never said ‘sleep’ because that will be a luxury for the next two years. If the baby is sleeping, try to get even an hour’s rest at the same time. You will be surprised at how it rejuvenates you as well as improves your mood.

7. Beware of ‘baby brain’. This is the inability to remember simple stuff after having a baby — like did you eat, where is your phone, what time did you last feed the baby and how long have you been wearing these blue pyjamas? Just know it exists for some, so it is not a matter of you losing your marbles.

8.  Find an outlet to just unwind. When the baby is asleep and you can find half an hour of blessed alone time, indulge in something you enjoy like catching up on our favourite series or reading a book. The important thing is not to lose sight of yourself because of motherhood.

9. Babies throw tantrums, it’s what they do. It has nothing to do with your parenting skills or the lack thereof. 

10. Love your new body. You may now have stretch marks. Before you panic, you need to see them for what they are: your battle scars. Your skin stretched to accommodate the greatest gift you ever received. Do not be mad about that. 

Story written by C.W.

Tell us about your experiences as a first time Mom. Was it #TeamNoSleep for the first few months?