Afraid of needles? Your COVID vaccine may soon not require one

For people who want the coronavirus vaccine but not the injection, there may be a solution coming this year.

All current WHO-approved vaccines are injections.

Senior World Health Organization scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, said vaccines that don’t require needles and which can be stored at room temperature, could be ready as soon as late 2021.

Swaminathan shared that up to eight new immunisations could finish clinical studies and undergo regulatory review by later this year.

Those would add to the 10 that have already been proven to work, in varying degrees, against the pandemic.

She said, “We’re thrilled with the vaccines that we have” but added, “we can improve further.” “I think, well into 2022, we’re going to see the emergence of improved vaccines.”

The new vaccine candidates are a mix of single-shot inoculations (like Johnson and Johnson’s), oral treatments, nasal sprays and patches.

“We need to continue to support the research and development of more vaccine candidates, especially as the need for ongoing booster immunisation of populations is still not very clear at this point,” Swaminathan said. “So we need to be prepared for that in the future.”