Already faster: Usain Bolt shares cute video of daughter Olympia running

Usain Bolt with his first born, Olympia Lightning Bolt

Olympia Lightning Bolt is not even two years old yet, but as the daughter of sprint legend Usain Bolt, it looks like she’s already in training mode for the tracks.

Bolt shared an adorable of Olympia of her running around in the house kicking a ball, with him assuming the role of coach, and encouraging her.

“Swing those arms, life your knees, I need you to lift your knees mama,” he heard saying while Olympia appears to be trying her best to follow those instructions, but the baby looks just happy to be running around.

“You running like Naruto,” Bolt said laughingly, while his partner Kasi is heard also encouraging their first born.

We weren’t the only ones completely blown away by the level of adorableness in this video and putting our expectations on Olympia.

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“She will be faster than her champ father ❤️🔥 so beautiful,” one fan commented.

“Look how this little chica just born and running! Where is the time going!!,” another added.

“Already faster than me,” someone joked.