Amazon unveils home security drone that patrols house when you’re away

Amazon introduces security drone, gaming service, and more | Fortune

Do you fear intruders breaking into your house when you’re not around? Well, Amazon has created the perfect solution to quell those fears.

It’s a home surveillance drone that flies around your house when you’re not there and keeps an eye out for intruders.

Wherever you are, you can just check your smartphone to see if anyone decided to pop up at your home while you are not around.

It’s called the Always Home Cam, and consists of a flying black camera, powered by rotor blades, that automatically takes off from a stationary white dock if it detects movement in the house.

And, it can also check if your stove is off or if you left the iron plugged in. How kool is that?!

Wait, there’s more: The drone only records when it is in the air and makes a sound when it flies, so people in the house know it is recording. Hopefully, that will scare them away, or you can call the cops.

The drone was unveiled by Amazon’s home security arm, Ring. The inspiration behind the product was to ‘give more viewpoint flexibility’ in the home.