And these are a few of Oprah’s favourite things!

It’s the festive season and nothing says Christmas quite like ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’.

Oprah Winfrey (Photo: JHMH10168)

The annual list which started on her iconic television show has now moved online, as all good things must, and is now available for all to see on Amazon.

The ‘queen of talk’s’ list of fave items is a celebration of black-owned, small businesses and caters to all areas of life, and all budgets.

From US$35 Tory Burch face masks (hello?!) to US$29 reading glasses by Ryan Simkhai, Winfrey has put great thought and effort into curating her anticipated list of must-haves. It also includes children’s books that address issues such as racism, feminism and depression.

But, if you want to jump on some of her faves, you need to move quick because many of the items are already sold out!