Andrew Johnson from the Dr Birdz is the ultimate gamer

Andrew Johnson, a member of the Dr Birdz.
Andrew Johnson, a member of the Dr Birdz.

As competitive gaming gains popularity in Jamaica, it is no surprise that the country has an eSport team called Dr Birdz. Meet another member of the team, Andrew Johnson.

Gamer Tag: anjupang

Age: 38

Located in: Kingston

Favourite game: Samurai Shodown, Street Fighter V and Soul Calibur 6

Genre specialisation: Fighting games

How long have you been playing video games?: Since Primary School. [Laughs] It feels like forever.

What got you into games?: I needed an interactive hobby that could feed my competitive nature and video games were it.

Console or PC: Both, but mostly console.

How did you end up on the team?: I’m a consistent tournament winner and considered one of the best in fighting games in Jamaica.

On playing at Evolution Championship Series: It was surreal to be at Evo live, meeting all the top players like Daigo Umehara and Lee ‘Infiltration’ Seon-woo.