Animal advocacy group wants us to stop calling our animals ‘pets’

And in another episode of ‘maybe the world has gone a little bit too sensitive’, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organisation based in the United Kingdom is calling for the word ‘pet’ to be banned when referring to the animals we keep in our homes.

Instead, PETA wants us to call them our ‘companions’.

PETA have even likened the word ‘pet’ to using negative words against women.

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They have branded ‘pet’ derogatory and said the term suggests animals are merely a ‘commodity’ or ‘decoration’. 

Now BUZZ fam, I’m all about treating animals humanely, in fact, I understand that there are some people who think of them as their companions.

But to say the word “pet” is derogatory is well… ridiculous.

I mean, who told the noble advocates at PETA, that the animals felt degraded when we refer to them as pets? The animals themselves?


If anything, the word pet is a term of endearment, a way we humans show our love and appreciation for our animals.

I know, because I have a few…pets.