Are there real benefits to being the ‘other woman’?

You want him, but he is taken. It is a situation that the average onlooker would find untenable: getting involved with a man who has a significant other or a wife. Most women would move on with their lives but for some, it is not a deal-breaker as they see some benefits to being the so-called ‘other woman’.

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What could these advantages be, that would make a woman disregard everything else including society looking down on her as being stupid and delusional? Well, when questioned, women who play this role swear that they are fine holding their position because, in their assessment, the pros outweigh the cons. Check the list and see if you agree with them.

  • Their time is their own. They say unlike a wife who is tied down with household responsibilities, they are free to ‘do’ them without apology.
  • The chores are left on the wives and girlfriends to do while they just have fun.
  • It is like one big adventure as they are taken places, wined and dined and treated like queens.
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  • Whatever issues exist in the main relationship, are not their problem so they do not have to fix it.
  • They get spoilt with gifts constantly. The more attractive they are, the more they say the man will go above and beyond to ensure they stick around so if he is a man of means, he will be like Santa Claus to them.
  • He is a great distraction from her everyday life as she is for him. When work, friends and responsibilities get overwhelming, they distract each other and just forget the cares of the world, if only for a few hours.
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  • Experimenting sexually is a huge plus. He will try things with her that he may be reluctant or scared to try at home for fear of rejection.
  • She does not have to plan a future with him. Most of the time she keeps it light and simple so she is not burdened by thoughts of how to making things work for forever.
  • She owes him nothing. She provides nothing but her time and affection and he is okay with that.
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  • No one has to know that she is in a ‘situation-ship’ hence there is the thrill of being a mystery; of meeting at random spots and places and living in the moment.