Are there worse things than being cheated on?

As terrible as infidelity is, there are some things rank higher on the totem pole of toxic behaviour that can ruin a union.

Are there things in a relationship that are worse than cheating? For some people, yes.

Yes, cheating is painful, especially if you are on the receiving end, but if the cheater is truly remorseful and takes the necessary steps to come clean and change, it’s possible to overcome it and have a healthy relationship.

So what are the things that are so damaging that they rate worse than someone sharing their genitalia with another?

1. Withholding affection from your spouse: To spite them you do not say ‘I love you’ and turn your back to them every night to signal there will be no intercourse happening any time soon.

2. Constantly lying: When you are in a relationship with a liar there is no emotional stability because you have to second-guess everything they say.

3. Lack of trust: If your spouse constantly demands confirmation that you are where you say you are, then that’s just a nightmare.

If there are trust issues in your relationship, there are too many places it can go but down from there.

4. Being condescending/rude: Some individuals verbally ‘tear down’ their spouse from the moment they are awake to the time they fall asleep.

5. Leaving for days with no explanation: So they have no clue if you are dead or alive.

6. Physical abuse: When it gets physical it is time to call it quits.

7. Being manipulative: This in itself is another form of abuse

8. Being overly-critical: Having a partner who comments on everything from your weight to what to eat to your clothing, makes one super anxious and can lead to self-doubt and anxiety.