Are you a good leader?

A leader isn’t necessarily a politician or CEO.

We often use the word when referring to a politician or the chief executive officer of a big corporation, but most of the time when it comes to everyday ordinary citizens, we do not see ourselves as such: a leader. Truth be told, anyone can be a good leader, and you do not have to employ a hundred people, run a constituency or stand in front of a lecture theatre critiquing a student’s work.

The attributes of a leader do not belong only to the rich and powerful. If that was so Jamaica would not have so many principals, pastors and postmistresses who have impacted so many individuals’ lives. Indeed, so many community dons and area leaders would not be thriving. A leader comes from all types of backgrounds and social class, but they have several traits that are similar. See if you, in your own way, can be considered a good leader.

Leaders come from various backgrounds.
What makes a strong leader…

1. When faced with a problem, you seek a solution or an option before you think to take it to a higher authority.

2. When rules are obsolete or make no sense, you try to re-write these so that they are more relatable and therefore easier for everyone to comply with.

3. You think ‘outside of the box’ and do not just rely on what you have been told.

4. “That’s the way things have always been done” is not acceptable for you if you can find an alternate solution.

5. In a crisis or emergency, people always turn to you for help or to take charge of the situation

6.  You seek change, not for self-praise but because change is warranted.

A good leader is open to feedback.

7. You are not afraid to break rules.

8. Even if no one is backing you and you are an army of one, you will speak out against what you consider to be unfair or unjust.

9. Even if you do not always succeed, you try to be fair to others.

10. You hold yourself accountable if something goes wrong under your watch.

11. You listen more than you speak when having a conversation with others.

12. Things told to you in confidence, remain just that. 

13. Your word is your bond and people recognise and appreciate that.

14. You are not afraid of doing the hard work yourself.

15. Your integrity speaks for you.

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