Are you and your job compatible?

You have always been told that you are a hard working, and you know the value of every dollar, so you are committed to doing a good job. However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe you are in the wrong field or vocation?

Yes, you may be competent at it, but do you wake up every morning excited to get to work? When you think about your career, are you truly passionate about it, and does it bring a huge smile to your face when someone mentions what you do?

Miserable at work

If the answers to all of the above is ‘no’, chances are you are not only in the wrong profession but you and your job may be super incompatible.

Compatibility stems from have a job that is congruent to not only your financial needs but emotional as well. A good job fit is one wherein it energises you and challenges you to give more of yourself. It does not matter if the company is big, mid size or small, at the end of the day, you should possess a sense of satisfaction in completing tasks, working as a team and helping the business be successful.

You should note that job compatibility has nothing do with if you have a low level position in the company. Many people at the managerial level are just as miserable as someone working a line job in a factory. It is about executing tasks or duties that evokes happiness and contentment and not necessarily about a job that pays you tons of money.

Job satisfaction

You should, therefore, do a values inventory to help you better understand what values are most important to you in a job. Is it working in teams; quiet working environment, open floor plan; opportunities for promotion; using your own initiative and creativity; flexible working hours or being given tasks to complete with little or no supervision, etc? All of these things are factors to weigh when deciding if you want to continue on in any job.

Unless you were lucky enough to win the lottery, you do need money. But after a while job satisfaction is just as important as job security, and eventually you may have to leave what you are currently doing to pursue your passion whatever it may be.