Are you qualified? Boyfriend application form

A good man is hard to find and a decent one that actually has your best interest at heart is even harder. They say men are in short supply and based on your own experience, you may know that a man who has his life together is indeed almost as rare as a unicorn.

But do not give up now. You deserve your shot at happiness so before you settle down, ensure that you are not just ‘settling’.

Ask all the relevant questions you need to before committing to anyone. Because when it comes to men, quality will not only trump quantity but when you get a good one, it is akin to hitting the relationship jackpot.

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Have him fill out your application before opening the door to your ‘promised land’.

1. What is your government name as it appears on your birth certificate? ____________________________________________________________

2. Do you have any aliases or nicknames that the selection committee does not know about?     [yes ]    [no ]

3. Do you have a police record?  [yes ]   [no ]

4. Are there any outstanding warrants for your arrest? [yes ]   [no ]

5. Are you willing to submit to a lie detector test?  [yes ]   [no ]

6. Do any women currently believe that they are in a relationship with you? [yes ]   [no ]

7. How long was your longest relationship? _____________________________________

8. Why did that relationship end and can we call to verify your answer with this individual?  [yes]   [no ]


9. Have you ever been tested for any sexual transmitted diseases?  [yes ]  [no]

10. How many children do you have or been told you have? _________________________

11. How many do you actually claim? ___________________________________________

12. Are you currently in debt or have credit card debt over one hundred thousand dollars?   [yes ]  [no ]

13. What is your longest stint of employment? _________________________

14. If in a long term relationship, do you expect your woman to pay for everything or just her share? If yes, gives reason(s) for your answer. _____________________________________________________________________________

15. What are your long term and short term goals?