Are you really a foodie?

A lot of people throw the word ‘foodie’ around but it means much more than just consuming cheeseburgers or KFC every day.

Hamburger and Potato Fries along with other fast food menu items are a no-no for a certified foodie
The consumption of cheeseburgers or other fast food meals regularly does not make you a ‘foodie’

A modern-day foodie is an individual who has a particular interest in food, gourmet or home-cooked; who has a discerning palate that can recognise the fusion of key ingredients while appreciating the various techniques and intricacies utilised to achieve a well balanced and composed dish or meal.

A Foodie is not a elitist or food snob but instead has an ardent interest in a myriad of cuisines and who more importantly, eats food not solely because of hunger but also as part of their passion for exploring culinary delights.

Pre-packaged foods are not the go-to option for a certified foodie.
The consumption of pre-packaged meals by no means makes you a foodie – that’s just convenience eating, sorry.

The term was first used in the early 1980s and has since been used to describe such celebrities as the late Anthony Bourdain,Gordon Ramsey and Andrew Zimmerman.

Sounds interesting and absolutely ravenous right? Well, a lot of us in the Caribbean are known for our voracious appetites and unlike the Europeans who like small portions, we like to eat and carry home we ‘bam-bye’.

Being a foodie sounds great and the only thing better is being employed to go around to hotels and restaurants and review their best dishes. Your clothes may not love you but your taste buds sure will.

Plated meals are the joy of a certified foodie.
Take your taste buds on an eclectic journey of flavour profiles and styles of cooking.

Here are some tips to determine if you are a certified foodie:

  1. When sitting down to a meal you first appreciate the visual features as we eat first with our eyes.
  2. You do not gulp or ‘cut and swallow’ the dish. You chew and savour the flavour of the ingredients and all the work the chef put into it.
  3. You eat out often and not fast food and drive-thru windows.
  4. When you dine out, you talk with the waiters and waitresses to find out what they would recommend as they usually have the good ‘intel’ as to what to order and what to stay away from.
  5. You do not usually have the food ‘to go’ but immerse yourself in the ambience of the restaurant and enjoy the decor and the service as well.
  6. When cooking for yourself or guests, you chose the freshest ingredients to prepare the meal.
  7. Cooking for you is all about authenticity and therefore, you avoid pre-packaged food and things that have funny names that you cannot pronounce.
  8. Because you want to actually taste the food, you generally leave off condiments such as ketchup, salad dressing, or barbeque sauce. These tend to mask flavours, both bold and subtle.
  9. Whenever there is a new restaurant opening, you are among its first customers; so your friends and family trust the reviews you give it.
  10. You get excited when people describe food, flavour profiles and how dishes are made.

So spill the info in the comments, are you a certified foodie or just a lover of food?