Are you sanitising your phone too?

How to help disinfect your phone from coronavirus without damaging ...
How often do you sanitize your phone? (Photo: CNN)

So you go on the road, you wear your mask. When you back home, you leave your shoes at the door, change clothes or take a shower, and sanitize your hands. But are you also cleaning your phone?

The COVID-19 virus can also survive on your phone, and when you think about it your phone is like a mecca for all kind of germs.

That’s why it’s essential that when you sanitize your hands, you also sanitize your phone. A scientific test shows the virus can live on plastic or stainless steel for two to three days.

Be sure to clean your phone! (Photo: MobiTech Zone)

To clean your phone, first turn it off and unplug it from cables.

But you should avoid getting moisture inside the phone so don’t put it into cleaning solutions or spray it directly.

Use disinfectant wipes, like Clorox wipes, or anything with 70 percent alcohol to clean your device.

Paper towels work, too, if you spray them with disinfectant, or dip a cloth in soap and water then use it to clean your phone. Also, do not forget to wipe down other “high touch” areas such as your keyboards or tablet computers.