As a journalist, the smear campaign on Adley Duncan is upsetting and FAR from fair

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn (first right) and Assistant DPP Adley Duncan appearing on morning television programme Smile Jamaica in 2019 (Photo: Twitter)

How is it, that you’re at home, in the sanctity of your personal space, that space is invaded by a burglar, you lose an item of value but somehow YOU end up becoming the bad guy?

This is a smear campaign, for some yet-to-be-explained rationale and it’s impossible to convince me otherwise.

That’s the question on many people’s minds as some media outlets have chosen to rip Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Adley Duncan, to shreds, labelling him as a ‘sexual deviant’.

The slide down a slippery slope…

A story carried by Loop Jamaica on Sunday, which seemed to focus on Duncan’s Twitter rant where he claimed to be ‘pleasuring himself’ during the break-in, only made the anger worse for me.

Fine, the man /might/ have an oversharing problem, but he’s STILL a victim. Is sensationalism (or clicks) the only thing some of you care about?

Now, this is absolutely disgusting for two reasons:

1. You’re basically telling people that if their personal space is breached, the idea of innocence is thrown out the window if that person is as outspoken and unabashed as Adley.
2. The very nature of his proclivities is more “newsworthy” than the fact that he could have easily died, given Jamaica’s current security climate.

Okay, so the story aired, people were upset, was that it? No. More stories came as DPP Paula Llewellyn declared her office will be drafting a social media policy as a countermeasure. Still nothing on the actual burglary but I digress.

And it actually gets WORSE

Could you tell me, why on Thursday (Jan. 16), the Jamaica Observer’s head cartoonist Clovis Brown decided that a sketch of Adley – steeped in shame and NAKED – is somehow funny?


Someone, anyone, explain it to me.

How is it that this man’s moment of vulnerability continues to serve up a tickle for you sadists?

They say fortune favours the brave, and I’ll say it with my chest that you folk are despicable. No sympathy, no courtesy, no remorse.

I’m honestly shocked at the way this man, whose only ‘bad thing’ was being too open with his words, and his good name is being drawn through the dirt despite the common criminal still being at large.

Judging from the apt and fierce backlash on Twitter, I’m not the only incensed by open mud-slinging of Adley in the media.

Well, maybe it’s because I don’t consider myself a “journalist” and there’s a standard to my work I will never allow any company have me sink below that moral threshold.

He’s a person. A taxpayer. Someone’s son. Someone’s friend. What you all have done is downright nasty and disappointing.

It is with this biased (and unreservedly so) view that I say the profession has lost the stature that once made it so formidable.

My only apology will be to Adley, for all the flack you’ve received despite the fact.

Bring back the pride to journalism, fellow media, you’re not far removed from criticism. If Adley is fair game, then so are you.

I wish this would be the warning no one has ever been bold enough to tell you to your face, to make you change, but controversy sells.

Until the next outrage.