Asafa building balcony on chicken coop

Asafa Powell with one of his chickens

When it comes to his layer chickens, nothing is too good for Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell to give them.

Everybody knows eggs are a quick and easy protein, and as an athlete, Powell needs his protein!

In a previous YouTube video, Asafa showed us how he cleaned his chicken coop. And more recently, he shared that he intends to build them a new coop with a balcony.

He informed his subscribers of this new development when reggae artiste Agent Sasco visited his house. Agent Sasco has more than impressive carpentry skills and revealed the inadequacies in Asafa’s chicken coop.

“Boss seh him a guh mek mi a new chicken coop, man see mi chicken coop and a seh a country chicken coop mi have star, wah kinda disrespect dat?,” Asafa said.

“Seh mi need a uptown chicken coop star,” he added. An uptown chicken coop not only has a balcony but should also be painted in the same colour as his house.

Agent Sasco explained why: “Memba enuh, this a the front of the yard, so when you pull up, it haffi well sexy man,” he said, proceeding to take measurements while trying to paint a picture of how the finished product will eventually look.