Asafa Powell and wife are having another boy

It’s another boy!

Asafa Powell and Alyshia Miller Powell got married in 2019

Jamaican athlete Asafa Powell, and his wife Alyshia Miller Powell will be having another boy. The couple did the gender reveal in a video posted on their YouTube channel.

After weeks of trying to decide how they wanted to do the gender reveal, they settled on a private intimate affair with their one-year-old son Ameike, and Alyshia’s mom as the only other guests.

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The gender reveal consisted of Asafa slowly tearing the envelope, while Alyshia looked on anxiously.

“OMG guys, its a boy, its another boy,!” Asafa exclaimed as he finally finished tearing the envelope.

“I really wanted a girl for her,” he added.

Alyshia has previously expressed her desire to be a girl mom, and Asafa wanted her to get her wish.

“I just tell her that my family background is just all boys. You can count on one hand how many girls in my family, so don’t be surprised if it’s a boy but I definitely want you to get a girl because you want a girl,” he told her previously.

But Alyshia very happy that she’ll get to be the mom to two ‘Kings”,

“It’s alright I’m gonna have two kings to be my protectors,” she said.

The model now has two more wishes.

“As long as its a boy that looks like me, I’m happy. I just have one wish, please don’t make him as active as Ameike,” she added.

Do you think she’ll get her wishes this time around BUZZ Fam?

Asafa is already father to a son and a seven-year-old daughter.

He wed Canadian model, Alyshia Miller in 2019, and they share a one-year-old son.