Asafa Powell expecting second child with wife, Alyshia

This couple is about to be brand new parents again soon!

Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell is expecting his second child with his wife model Alyshia Miller-Powell.

The couple shared the exciting news on their YouTube channel recently.

“We are pregnant!” an obviously thrilled Powell exclaimed. And Alyshia chimed in to share that they have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms together.

“He’s had all of my symptoms and stuff, he’s been eating for two like he’s the one that’s pregnant,” she said.

She said that she was pregnant for three months before realizing it.

“I had switched over to a new pill so I just figured it was messing with my hormones,” she explained.

And while Alyshia is hoping for a girl this time around, Asafa is remaining cautiously optimistic.

“I’m not being negative or anything. I just tell her that my family background is just all boys. You can count on one hand how many girls in my family, so don’t be surprised if it’s a boy but I definitely want you to get a girl because you want a girl,” he told her.

Meanwhile, the couple is already busy trying to figure out what to do for their gender reveal party.

“We were thinking about what to do for a gender reveal, we were going back and forth. But we decided to let somebody plan the gender reveal for us because we wanted to do it different from what we did for Ameike [their young son],” Asafa said.

“I just want a healthy baby. Because even yesterday you know how the doctor was saying that a lot of babies were being born abnormal and having a lot of issues,” Ayshia chimed in.

Asafa is already father to a son and a seven-year-old daughter.

He wed Canadian model, Alyshia Miller in 2019, and they share a one-year-old son.