Ashebre aims to exceed expectations at SOBEWFF

Oji Jaja, executive chef, Ashebre The Virtual Restaurant

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF), in Miami Beach Florida brings together culinary geniuses from different parts of the world, cooking up delectable culinary delights.

For five days, patrons get to partake in a cultural fusion of mouthwatering cuisine from all over the world.

This year, fourteen Jamaica chefs will be bringing a taste of Jamaica to the festival. And among them is Oji Jaja, the executive chef of Ashebre The Virtual Restaurant.

Patrons can expect the best from Oji Jaja

Jaja told BUZZ that he’s excited to be taking part in the festival, and patrons can expect nothing but the best from Ashebre. 

“Ashebre is an experience, this begins from the initial contact, we are passionate about the culinary services we offer and that is translated in service and food,”

“Each experience is unique because it tailored to the desires of the client, it’s our standard to exceed the expectation of anyone we serve,” he said. 

“The patrons can expect clean, delicious and complimenting flavors. It has been our mantra to provide modern Caribbean cuisine and this festival is no exception. Truth be told our dish will be a special signature one,” he said. 

We wonder what Chef Jaja special dish will be

Jaja did not reveal exactly what that special dish it would consist of, but we can bet it will be delicious!

“Naturally it is one of love, the dish with its flavors and presentation, hoping that we will be able to truly provide the island experience,” he said.