Asheka Robinson — legally fashionable

Fashion is a form of free speech. It is used by individuals to express themselves and shape their identity.

Asheka Robinson is one of those individuals. Ms Robinson is a first-year Norman Manley Law student who has grabbed the attention of her peers as a young fashionista.

The aspiring lawyer gained her fashion inspiration at a young age from her aunt who would always dress well even at home. Robinson said her aunt shared an important message, that she should always dress well and look her best.

“With that being said, at the age of 13, I made a conscious effort to always look fashionable. Whether it was jeans day, sports day or school barbeques, I’d carefully choose pieces that would represent me or communicate my mood on that occasion” said Robinson.

“My style reflects my confidence and shows how self-assured I am”

— Asheka Robinson

The older she got Asheka spent time studying fashion and developing her style. She expressed that she was heavily inspired by Asian street style as well as 80s/90s fashion.

She told BUZZ, “my style reflects my confidence and shows how self-assured I am, it’s a combination of unusual patterns and dress codes from different eras. I love transforming pieces by taking high-end pieces and staples and making something unique which in the end reflects my mantra and that’s being comfortable.”

 While juggling law school the aspiring lawyer also have dreams of being an image consultant, she told us that nothing excites her more than fashion, she continued to let us know it’s her passion and she wanted a way to share her passion with others.

Robinson wanted others to feel confident in what they wear as such, she created ‘Stylinghaus’ (@stylinghaus) an online image consultant business geared towards giving fashion advice.

Asheka hopes to continue inspiring and sharing her passion while building her business and furthering her career in law.