Asteroid the size of “two football fields” passing Earth next week

At this point, asteroids are taking more flights than most of us right now.

So another asteroid, this time wider than two professional football fields is set to fly safely past Earth on Sept. 14, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies.

It’s been named Asteroid 2020 QL2 and NASA considers it “potentially hazardous”, given its size and close proximity to Earth. It is more than 120 meters (393 feet) in diameter and is expected to fly past Earth at a speed of nearly 24,000 mph and come within a distance of 4.2 million miles.

NASA notes, however, that it has almost no chance of hitting the planet next week.

“Potentially hazardous” NEOs are defined as space objects that come within 0.05 astronomical units (4.6 million miles) and measure more than 460 feet in diameter, according to NASA. A 2018 report put together by, lists more than 18,000 NEOs.