Audley Shaw celebrates his 69th b-day, shares vintage photo of himself and twin sister

Vintage photo of Audley and twin sister Andrea Shaw

Who knew Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Audley Shaw had a twin sister?

It turns out that’s a card Shaw held close to his chest.

However, it seems after 69-years around the block, Shaw is proud to let the world know he’s got a twin sister.

Shaw took to his social media platforms on Sunday (June 13) to share that he and his twin sister, Andrea, were celebrating their birthdays.

To mark the occasion the minister shared photos of himself and his sister, including a vintage shot of the duo playing as children, on his accounts.

Shaw further shared that his sister’s birth came as a surprise to his parents, who were not aware that his mother was carrying twins.

According to Shaw, he is an older brother by 10 minutes.  

“Today is my twin sister Audrea and my birthday. The fact that two of us came out instead of one on that day came as a great surprise to our parents,”said Shaw online .

“ I’m her older brother by 10 minutes and she was the surprise. She has been there supporting me from the day 1 and that has continued to this day no matter what. I greet this day with joy and gratitude for life and health. I thank God for this life and its bountiful blessings and I look forward to what the universe continues to bring us on this journey, “ he added.

Audley Shaw was born in Christiana, Manchester on June 13, 1952.

Shaw attended the Christiana Leased Junior School, Knox College and Holmwood Technical High School.

“Man a yard” as he is affectionately called got his first job working with the Jamaica Milk Products as a Laboratory Technician. 

He later landed a job with the Jamaica Movement for the Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL Movement) as Area Literacy Officer .

He later went to the United States where he studied at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) earning a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees in Journalism

Shaw entered the political space in 1989 when Edward Seaga appointed him to the Senate.

 He later served as Shadow Minister of Information and Culture, Shadow Minister of Public Utilities and Transport and Shadow Minister of Industry and Commerce and has been the Member of Parliament for North East Manchester since 1993.