August 24 is officially declared Kobe Bryant Day in Orange County

Kobe Bryant

Orange County in Los Angeles has officially declared August 24 as Kobe Bryant Day. The day was chosen because of the two jersey numbers Bryant sported throughout his career; eight and 24.

That date is also a day after Bryant’s birthday. He would have been 42 this year

The basketball legend died after the helicopter he was travelling in crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, California on Sunday, (January 26).

The supervisors voted to observe Kobe Bryant Day at the request of board Chairwoman Michelle Steel, a lifelong Lakers fan.

She said Bryant, who lived with his family in Newport Beach, was a “treasured member of our community” who “inspired so many men and women to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

According to the resolution, the intent is to encourage others to continue Bryant’s legacy “by engaging in community building, helping young people in need, encouraging aspiring youth to follow their dreams, and living by Bryant’s words: ‘The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.’ ”