Aunty Donna slammed as insensitive after saying she can do nothing further to help Kaylan Dowdie

Social media personality Donna Gowe came under fire for comments she made during an Instagram live on Thursday (August 12) in which she said that she was unable to provide any further assistance to the family of Kaylan Dowdie.

17-year-old Dowdie was badly beaten at an illegal party in 2020, since then the teen has remained hospitalized; her mother, Venesha Buckley, rose to prominence in the social media space as she continues to seek support to pay her daughter’s medical expenses.

17-year-old Kaylan Dowdie

According to Gowe, affectionately called Aunty Donna, she had provided monetary support to Dowdie’s family shortly after the incident.

However, she noted that she was unable to provide any further support to Dowdie’s family.

“I am sorry to hear about what happen to Kaylan, Tammy did a marathon last year and she got three hundred and something thousand. There is nothing more Aunty Donna can do for Kaylan or Kaylan mommy,” Gowie said during her Instagram live.

“Kaylan mother live in Jamaica she can find the relevant authority, the Prime Minister ect for help. Unno please stop putting Kaylan mother story into my inbox and on my comment section,” added a clearly annoyed Gowie.

Gowie asked supporters to stop sending her messages about Dowdie, stating that she had done her part and encouraged others to also use their platform to raise funds for the teen

“Look here nuh lady, why should Kaylan mother contact me, Kaylan mother have a platform.I don’t want——-Yuh hear Kaylan mother seh people a threaten her, I don’t want nobody find me a Mountain View come shoot me,” said Gowie.

“I help Kaylan mother last year — unno please — I see my inbox full up of Kaylan mother story. Kaylan mother have a platform like me and who ever write it up seh a must contact Kaylan mother, please use your platform,” she added.

Most recently Buckley took to her social media pages to share that she needs assistance in moving Dowdie to a health facility overseas.

According to Buckley she was recently told that the local hospital could no longer help her daughter as they did not have the requisite tools.