Aurah by Trey: skincare products ‘specifically for you’

Aurah by Trey; skincare specifically for you (Photo: Contributed)

Skincare products have become somewhat trendy in recent times, with bloggers and YouTubers extolling the virtues of having a consistent skincare routine. But for some people, developing and maintaining a skincare routine is not optional, their sensitive skin demanded it. Arguably more important than the routine, are the products used, but the right products are often hard to source. This was a struggle Trashawn Soares knew all too well.

After enduring eczema for years, and battling with her self-confidence because of it, Soares decided to create her own line of skincare products-Aurah By Trey which consist of all natural skincare products

Trashawn Soares, owner; Aurah By Trey (Photo: Contributed)

“I realized that no matter what product I used I was never satisfied with the way my skin reacted and even if I did these products were either very expensive or hard to source outside of Jamaica. I then decided I wanted to make my own products and a business started from that after seeing how greatly organic products helped my eczema and my spouses’ acne,” she told BUZZ.

Kool soap designs from Aurah By Trey (Photo: Contributed)

Aurah by Trey was birthed in September 2019. Soares said each product is handcrafted from her home in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, her raw materials are sourced locally and internationally.

“It’s about what you see when you look in the mirror and for me, I always want to see flawless skin.”

— Soares

The line caters to all skin types, and Soares said she offers skincare consultation before selling.

“I present you with a list of products and you tell me what you would like your creation to be; whether it be for a simple gift or for a specific skin problem. I will also provide free consultation by examining your skin type and assisting you with your selections,” she said.

Although she is not a dermatologist, Soares said she is constantly researching and consulting with experts. She also relies on her own experience with her sensitive skin.

“I mainly did research online and consulted other established soapers whether it be locally or abroad and received valuable information on the types of products used for achievable organic skincare results. I also got in contact with the Bureau of Standards to assist and advise in the process,” she said.

And after less than a year in business, she is very pleased with its progression.

“I am happy to say I have been getting very positive responses. I find that many customers are open to making the switch to organic skin care products due to the long-term negative effects of chemically based products,” she said.

‘My flagship product currently is my Natralys Soap lines. The best-selling are the Teatree Oil and Charcoal Acne Bars and my personal favourite; Oatmeal and Honey Facial and Body Bars,” she added.

Charcoal Acne bars from Aurah By Trey (Photo: Contributed)

Her produtcts cost anywhere between $300 to $1300 JMD.  She also offers customized package for as low as $2000, and delivers locally and internationally. Her business can be found on Instagram @AurahByTrey.  

Ultimately, Soares said Aurah By Trey’s goal is to make its customers feel confident in their skin.

Customized packages from Aurah By Trey (Photo: Contributed)

“Remember it’s not about what others see all the time, it’s about what you see when you look in the mirror and for me, I always want to see flawless skin,” she said.